Fleet Management

Here at Rentals Direct we offer a full fleet management program with all of our rental vehicles. Ask us about our long term loyalty discount scheme.

We specialize in optimizing van fleet operations, increasing productivity, and reducing costs. Our comprehensive solutions include real-time tracking, maintenance management, driver monitoring, fuel optimization, compliance, analytics, and scalability, tailored to meet your unique fleet management needs.


Recovery of Vehicle

Our 24 hour service means we can recover you from any situation.

Exchange Service

you get a replacement vehicle whilst we repair your hire vehicle.

Vehicle Replacement

Breakdown cover includes vehicle replacement if required.



Fully equipped body and workshop.

Service and MOT

We include the yearly service and MOT with regular updates on your fleets health.

Brake Replacement

We will replace the vans brakes due to wear in line with our fair wear and tear policy.

Fleet Data


Keep up to date with your hire vehicles day to day with our velocity telematics system.

Real time location and historical reporting 24/7.

Added Safety

With added driver security reports you are able to identify any possible incidents and act swiftly reducing insurance premium whilst keeping your driver and vehicle safe.

Vehicle Monitoring

Identify potential vehicle health risks and increase fuel efficiency of your fleet. Saving you time and money on maintenance and fuel costs.

A complete one stop shop!

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